Get Involved. Take Action. Never Quit.

Run for a political office in your local community.

Volunteer for a local committee in your community like the recreation department, library committee, zoning committee, economic development committee, whatever it is, get involved.

Study the candidates running for office in your community or state assembly, and get involved in their campaign.

Stay informed about issues in your community and when you believe they are going in the wrong direction, speak up. Do the same at the state level.

Attend a public hearing on an issue you are interested in, stand up and voice your opinion.

Pick up the phone when you disagree with a pending vote by your state or county politicians and voice your opinion. Do the same on national issues.

Organize a neighborhood voter registration day.

Volunteer as a poll worker on election day.

Check your voter registration record.

Demand your community’s voter rolls are up-to-date. Find out how you can help to get the job done.

VOTE – Encourage your family, friends, neighbors

Write a commentary for your local newspaper – a letter to the editor – start the conversation!

Commit to one or two hours per week or more – find your stretch point and meet it. Don’t stop.

We The People Resolve To Never Quit The Fight For Freedom

America's Future